Grow your margin so the mission can flourish.

I took a non-profit from $6.7MM to $54MM in 17 months.

I am best known in the non-profit world as the CFO & COO who inherited a $6.7MM operating bottom line and turned it into $54MM in 17 months at a non-profit hospital in greater Los Angeles.  My financial leadership earned that hospital its first Moody’s credit rating upgrade in 6 years.  I was nominated as one of the 16 most influential businesswomen in LA County by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal in 2018.  

I am starting to zero in on areas where I hope to make a positive difference.  My expertise and success can provide a roadmap and services to funding and fostering changes to the ways your struggling charity creates financial windfalls to transform a shoestring budget. 

I write grants.

Giving back to my local community and mentoring young women, especially those in great need, is a part of who I am.  Though this passion started for me long before my executive position at the hospital.  When I traveled to India as a finance executive for a New York City tech company, I realized the connection between quality driving revenue and giving back to those who are in great need. 

I can re-invigorate your donor base with fresh sponsors.

I have found that real leadership is the key.  The need to keep your eye on the goal, and not get bogged down in the weeds is difficult to do when there is so much on your plate.  Especially as a nonprofit.  But my success in transforming financial performance and driving quality in the organizations I've worked with is an invaluable tool that I'll help you with.  Before I was in non-profit healthcare, I took at fledgling technology company and helped it triple in size and revenue within 6 years, while taking it from cash negative to cash positive.  That kind of experience is invaluable to non-profits who are trying to widen their margin, so the mission can flourish.