Get My Consultation

 You don't hire me as an hourly consultant.

My goal is to help you grow.  I will meet with you and help you develop your plan to transform your business as my time allows.  I'll freely invest my incredible skill and expertise if I believe that your business model has legs.   Then, as you grow, if I think there is a good strategic fit, then  I will develop a model to go deeper in the business relationship on a pay-for-performance model.  I may deeply invest time or money.  It will depend on the opportunity I see to improve the value of your business.

If you have a real business, a real desire to improve, and you can be willing to engage in an open and candid assessment of your business, I'll help you within the full range of my resources available.  

Contact me here for my advice.  And connect with me on LinkedIn, visit my official philanthropy website, or visit the official website for The Empower Foundation.

Los Angeles, CA