"It's what you do, not what you say, that people resonate with in terms of leadership."

Meet Dr. Colette Nichols

Dr. Colette Nichols has worked in management positions for over 20 years. Now, she provides consulting services for businesses looking to grow. 

From Colette:

With me, you get:

  • operations and finance experience in a multitude of different fields.  
  • An incredible background in the for-profit world.  And then the non-profit world.  Both with phenomenal results.  
  • A hands-on, very energetic leader and team member.  
  • an open, heart-felt, compassionate leadership style that has been proven to build high-performing management teams.

I turned $6.7MM into $54MM in 18 months at my last position, which was as the CFO & COO of a hospital in greater Los Angeles.  Before that, I helped a firm triple its size and revenue, while taking it from cash negative to cash positive.

If you need someone to review your operations., or your finances, or the culture, or IT., or be strategic and help you grow by double or triple ...That's me, I can help you get there.  

Do you need to improve cash flow?  Solve problems in receivable cycle?  Want to grow your business by double?  Triple?

I will help you look at things in ways you didn't think about before.  

Connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to hear the latest on what's going on in operations and finance.

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